Hospitality Industry Crime Risks: Louisiana Hotel Director Of Security “Indicted By Grand Jury” For Allegedly “Covering Up Rape” In Hotel

“As the director of security, etc., if you see what you perceive to be a crime, you need to call it in and let the police and the district attorney sort it out…they may have made some decisions of their own to not do that, and now the district attorney feels like what they did was a crime, which is covering up a bigger crime of aggravated rape.”

An Orleans grand jury indicted three people Thursday, one on a rape charge, and two Sheraton hotel employees for allegedly trying to cover it up.

One of those facing charges is the hotel’s former head of security.  FOX 8 sources say the rape took place in an ice room on the 44th floor of the Sheraton hotel in Dec. 2010.

We’re told a security guard responded to the call from a guest, and that guard witnessed the rape.  But one source says the hotel’s director of security, 31-year-old Antonio Rodriguez, instructed the guard to write up the report as a non-complaint, instead of a rape.

The grand jury indicted 21-year-old Anthony Davis with one count of aggravated rape, and now Rodriguez and the manager on duty that day, 23-year-old Lila Schwary, both face a charge of conspiracy to compound a felony.

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