Hospitality Industry Flood Risks: Ohio Restaurant Struggles To Reopen After “Flash Flooding” Damaged Buildings Not Covered By Flood Insurance

“(the owners)…had to replace all of the flooring and drywall in the restaurant. Some of the kitchen equipment had to be repaired, and everything else either was discarded or thoroughly cleaned…”

The buildings were not covered by flood insurance, but insurance did pay to fix the damage to their vehicles.

Not even 18 inches of water inside their restaurant, 3 feet of water outside and $60,000 in resulting damages and lost sales can curb the determination of Mark and Glenna Jones to reopen Clay’s Cafe, located on West Main Street in downtown Hebron.

The eatery, which has been in business for 15 years, closed March 15 after it was flooded as thousands of corn stalks came rushing into town. The Joneses were hoping to reopen by today, but have pushed their opening day back to Thursday.

The couple, who live in front of the restaurant, had all three of their buildings and four vehicles damaged in the flash flood.

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