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Hospitality Industry Risk Management Update: “Cause of Sickness Linked to Hotel Swimming Pool Remains Unclear”

“An inspector found that the pool’s pH levels were outside the ideal range Monday morning, but it was not clear that the issue was serious enough to sicken someonepool…The incident began about 8 p.m. Sunday when one of the children vomited and the others said they felt sick. They were all treated and released from the hospital by morning, a Children’s Health spokesperson said…”

The cause of a sickness that hospitalized 13 children after they used a hotel swimming pool Sunday night remained unclear Monday.

The pool at Homewood Suites, 4210 Airport Way, remained closed while the incident was investigated, the Denver Department of Environmental Health reported.

For more: http://bit.ly/1z1fcvo

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Hospitality Industry Risk Management Update: “Water Line Bursts, Floods W Hotel”

“…San Diego Fire crews tried to help fix the flooding, but the damage done is more than the firefighters were prepared to handle.Water leak W Hotel Instead, an outside company that specializes in flooding cleanup was called in to deal with it…Guests rooms were not damaged in the flooding, hotel management told NBC 7. There was extensive damage to other areas of the hotel including some flooding into the lobby, they said…”

Guests are avoiding some major flooding after a big water line burst inside the W Hotel Monday night.

Water started leaking from the third floor, through the roof and down onto floors below around 8:15 p.m. inside the hotel at 421 W. B Street.

Joyce Baghtassarian was staying at the W Hotel on her trip to San Diego from Los Angeles. She was heading out the door to go to dinner when she noticed water flowing from the elevators.

For more: http://bit.ly/1rkkTGF

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Hospitality Industry Technology Update: “Don’t be Alarmed by That Robot Delivering a Toothbrush to Your Hotel Room”

“We think this is such a huge opportunity to deliver better service to our customer.Botlr-in-Hallway-lr  The mundane task of running a razor behind the scenes goes away, you’ll see our associates more because they’ll be more front and center than they’ve ever been,” McGuinness said. “This is by no means replacing the human element of hospitality.”

The situation usually plays out like this. You’re unpacking in a hotel room and realize you forgot something. Rather than trek to whatever store might be near, you call the front desk and ask for a razor, toothpaste or whatever you need. The hotel then sends someone up with the delivery.

Except for the Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, Calif, which will begin using an R2D2-esque robot for such trips. Fittingly, Aloft’s parent company, Starwood Hotels, tests the latest technology at the Silicon Valley hotel. Guests can enter their rooms with a smartphone app and bypass the traditional check-in process at the front desk.

For more: http://wapo.st/1o63HNa

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Hospitality Industry Legal Update: “Millbrook Hotel Faces Legionnaires Lawsuit”

“…The Wheat and Renta families, in the area for a local softball tournament, were among at least 14 people who became sick with flu-like symptoms including difficulty breathing, elevated temperature,Legionella-pneumophila body aches, dizziness, headaches, and chills, according to the suit…Legionnaires disease is typically contracted by inhaling or ingesting Legionella bacteria. The bacteria can also cause related illness, such as Pontiac fever, pneumonia, and other serious and sometimes permanent health conditions…”

Montgomery law firm Beasley-Allen has filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of two Jefferson County families, who the suit contends contracted Legionnaires disease while staying at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Millbrook.

Clayton Wheat and Tony Renta, along with several members of a girls’ softball team, became ill and several tested positive for Legionnaires disease after a weekend stay at the Sleep Inn & Suites, according to the suit filed by the Beasley Allen Law Firm in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama.

For more: http://on.mgmadv.com/1mR4GRC

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Hospitality Industry Management Update: “Someone’s Been Shot at Your Hotel. What Should Management Do Next?”

“…A full evacuation of a hotel property typically isn’t necessary unless there is a roaming shooter,NOLA Shooter he said. Even then, Cahn’s advice to anybody staying at a hotel when a violent outburst occurs is to remain in place until directed otherwise by police. People pouring into the hallways to leave could give a shooter more targets…”

When a gunman holes up in a hotel room with one or more other people, as happened Sunday at the Westin Canal Place in New Orleans where police said a man shot a friend before killing himself, the first task of hotel management, after making sure police are en route, is to usher other guests someplace safe and comfortable, hotel security specialist Mike Cahn said on Monday.

For more: http://bit.ly/1yArFWE

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Hospitality Industry Management Update: “As Marijuana Becomes Legal in More States, How Should Employers Handle Positive Drug Tests?”

“…Hospitality employers also need to be aware of potential violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) associated with medical marijuana.  Employers with facilities in states that allow medical marijuana use may need to provide a reasonable accommodation under the ADA for employees with a valid doctor’s authorization. 042314_acuna_marijuana_640 For instance, the New York statute permitting medical marijuana use automatically classifies every individual who is considered a Certified Patient as disabled.  Therefore, New York employers must engage in an interactive process with the employee to determine whether they need to provide the employee with a reasonable accommodation…”

Due to the ever changing laws surrounding the legality of marijuana, many of our hospitality clients have recently asked us whether it is lawful to terminate an employee who has tested positive for marijuana.  The answer varies greatly depending on the state in which you are located.

States continue to pass legislation legalizing marijuana use for specific purposes.  On July 5, 2014, New York became the twenty-first state along with the District of Columbia to legalize marijuana use for certain medical conditions—joining Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  Two other states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized recreational marijuana use for individuals who are 21 years old or older, and Alaska and Oregon currently have similar legislation pending.

For more: http://bit.ly/1Bek1W8

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Hospitality Industry Conference Update: “2014 Northern California Hotel & Lodging Conference”

2014 Northern California Hotel & Lodging Conference

Petra’s Director of Risk Management, Todd Seiders, and Loss Control Manager, Marco Johnson, will be in attendance and giving presentations on “Current Hotel Security Issues & Updates” and “Best Housekeeping Practices”

For more information, or to register for the event, check out the conference website here: http://bit.ly/V8Mco5

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Hospitality Industry Legal Update: “Atlantic City Hotel Security Caught on Video Beating Guests Bloody”

“…Professional poker player John Binns, along with his wife Renee and daughter Andrea, Atlantic-City-casino-guests-sue-over-security-beatings-caught-on-video-ABC-Newsfiled two separate lawsuits against Harrah’s for their behavior during an August 2012 dispute. The Binns’ suit argues that the hotel computer mistakenly erased their registration two nights into their stay. During an ensuing argument with security, guards surrounded him and took him to the ground…”

An Atlantic City hotel and casino faces separate lawsuits from at least eight guests for excessive use of force by security personnel and local police, ABC News reported on Friday.

The plantiffs suing Harrah’s Atlantic City include a financial analyst and a professional poker player whose 17-year-old daughter suffered a broken nose after hotel security forced her to the ground. The altercations involving both plaintiffs were filmed on the hotel’s in-house security cameras.

For more: http://bit.ly/1lPfQGi

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Hospitliaty Industry Management Update: “Train Businesses on Service-Animal Laws” (With Video)

“…Customers do have a responsibility to ensure their service animals are behaved. service-dog-courseFederal law makes an exception if the dog is out of control and its handler does not control it, or if the dog is not housebroken. However, that only means the pooch can be removed from the premises; the handler still is entitled to full accommodation…”

When it comes to accommodating customers with service animals, some businesses need to be taught new tricks.

As reported Monday by The News-Journal’s Chris Graham, Steve Keene is the latest person with a service dog to have encountered difficulties at a local establishment in recent years. When the Port Orange resident showed up with his dog Kima at the Racing’s North Turn restaurant in Ponce Inlet, staff asked him for documentation proving the black Labrador-Australian shepherd mix is a service animal. When he became irate at the request, he was asked to leave.

For more: http://bit.ly/1ojcuAZ

For a brief video on how to best train your staff for handling guests with ADA service animals, check out the video below:

Petra Risk Solutions’ Risk Management Director, Todd Seiders, offers a P3 Hospitality Risk Report – ‘ADA Service Animals: Do’s and Don’ts’. 

P3 (Petra Plus Process) is the Risk Management Division of Petra Risk Solutions – America ’s largest independent insurance brokerage devoted exclusively to the hospitality marketplace.

For more information on Petra and P3 visit petrarisksolutions.com or call 800.466.8951.

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Hospitality Industry Security Update: “Word to the Wise: Phone Scam Targets Hotel Guests”

“…The callers are very convincing. According to hotel guests targeted by this scam,front desk the caller sounds very professional. However, hotels generally handle any questions about billing at the front desk, not over the phone. And they certainly wouldn’t be calling you in the middle of the night…”

Many travelers are trying to squeeze in last-minute vacations before schools are back in full swing. Unfortunately, scammers know this and may try to trick you into divulging your credit card information by posing as hotel employees. The Better Business Bureau warns travelers to beware of a telephone phishing scam designed to steal credit card numbers.

Hotel guests across the nation are alerting local BBBs of the increased popularity of this scam. Since travel and hotel stays tend to increase during the summer, the scammers ramp up their efforts during this time.

For more: http://bit.ly/1ou7mUV

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